Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Brownsville, TX

Fast and Effective Weight Loss Procedure

The gastric sleeve procedure is usually the first step in gastric bypass surgery, but it sometimes can be a single procedure on its own to control weight loss based on each case.
The procedure is called a gastric sleeve because Dr. Carlos A. Barba will create a small pouch using a stapling device, separating your stomach into two sections, the small sleeve, and the larger section. The larger section of your stomach is removed. This form of bariatric surgery is called “restrictive” which means it controls weight loss by physical restrictions of the stomach, versus a more “malabsorptive” method like the jejunoileal bypass which actually affects nutritional intake by changing where in your intestines the food gets absorbed.
Dr. Carlos Barba has performed over 1,500 bariatric procedures and specializes in surgical weight loss at his weight loss centers in Brownsville and Harlingen, TX. Dr. Barba uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure each procedure is successful and meets the needs of each individual patient. To learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and schedule your weight loss consultation, please call (956) 621-4981 today.


before and after gastrectomy

Benefits of a Gastric Sleeve

Operating Time – The gastric sleeve is one of the quicker weight loss procedures. It can take up to an hour and a half, versus the gastric bypass which may be double that time.
Gradual Weight Loss – Weight loss after the gastric sleeve is seen over the course of 2 years*, while gastric bypass patients may see rapid weight loss within the first year. For many, this means less complications and more of a natural weight loss feel.
Reduced Hunger – The larger portion of the stomach that is removed contains most of your “hunger” hormone, ghrelin. This leads to greatly reduced hunger which is the first step in the weight loss process.
*Individual results may vary.

Post-op and Recovery

The timeline of recovery after gastric sleeve surgery varies from person to person.

Day 1 – You will remain in the hospital after surgery. Pain and discomfort are very common at this point because your anesthesia and medication begins to wear off. At this point, your doctor will use IV medication less and oral medication more, so that transition may also contribute to the pain. The staff will do some tests after the surgery to make sure everything went as expected before you can drink fluids or eat food. The day after, you will most likely have a check-in with your doctor.

Days 2-3 – The pain is still manageable, but at this point you will discharged from the hospital. For many people the pain may worsen do to the fact that you’re moving more and not bed-ridden, so it’s entirely normal for pain to get worse a few days after the surgery. Your doctor will give you a diet to stick with which will include lean meat, soft fruits, yogurt and mainly water and juice. Make sure you only eat the foods your doctor advises. You will want to mostly remain rested, as you will feel exhausted still. Once again, stick to your doctor’s guidelines.

Weeks 1-2 – After 1 week, many people are ready for work, assuming it’s a fairly sedentary job. However, it’s totally normal to feel too tried for work still. Pain won’t be severe, but it’s still noticeable especially as you become more active and do more errands. Once again, you need to still be sticking to your doctor’s diet and activity guidelines.

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The gastric sleeve procedure is an effective alternative for patients who have had difficulty losing weight through traditional methods. Dr. Carlos A. Barba is highly-trained in performing the gastric sleeve procedure for patients. During your consultation, he will take the time to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, and determine if it is right for you. For more information on gastric sleeves, or to request a consultation, please call our weight loss center in Brownsville and Harlingen, TX at (956) 621-4981.

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