Weight Loss Surgery and General Surgery Specialist in Brownsville, TX

Carlos A. Barba, MD, PLLC

Dr. Barba has performed over 3,500 general surgery procedures. In 2008, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, where Dr. Barba practiced, was granted designation as a Center of Excellence by the ASMBS. The hospital system receiving center of Excellence designation must meet rigorous criteria as well. The site reviewer determines that all of the facilities and equipment are compatible with the special needs of morbidly obese patients. The review also acknowledges the 24/7 availability of medical sub specialists and intensivists in supporting the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary program in this area. The nursing and support staff attend specialized training programs throughout the year to educate them in their role of caring for patients who undergo these procedures.

Dr. Carlos Barba performs bariatric and general surgery in Brownsville, TX

Carlos A. Barba, MD and his team are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate bariatric surgical care. The team at Carlos A. Barba MD, PLLC provides patients with:

  • A safe and effective weight loss surgery
  • Pre-operative education
  • Post-operative education
  • Ongoing aftercare

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ASMBS Center Of Excellence

In 2006, Dr. Carlos Barba (as well as his practice) was granted the certification as Surgeon of Excellence. At that time he helped Saint Francis Hospital and Medical center to receive that designation as well. In order to obtain a Center of Excellence designation by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), both the surgeon and the hospital must meet the highest quality of patient care standards in the field of bariatric surgery. This involves an arduous two stage application process followed by a meticulous on-site review of the office of Central CT Surgeons, LLC, its surgeons, and the hospital where the surgery is performed.

A wide variety of criteria are analyzed during the evaluation process; including:

  • Number of operations performed
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Long term follow up. To qualify surgeons must be certified by the American Board of Surgery, be regular members (rather than affiliate members) of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, and possess the highest credentials. This includes experience in performing a variety of weight loss procedures utilizing modern techniques.