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Congratulations! By seeking information about weight loss surgery, you have taken your first steps toward a happier, healthier you! Weight loss surgery is not recommended for everyone but if you do qualify, it can be a life-changing decision that can drastically improve your quality of life.

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Dr. Carlos Barba specializes in providing bariatric surgery to qualified men and women in Brownsville and Harlingen, TX. In 2006 Dr. Barba was certified as a “Surgeon of Excellence” by The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. The certification is a testament to the quality of care and high standard of excellence provided by Dr. Barba and his staff.

Dr. Barba has performed over 3,500 bariatric procedures and is one of the leaders in weight loss surgery in South Texas. Learn about the different types of bariatric surgery and schedule your consultation at our weight loss center in Brownsville & Harlingen, TX today!

Your Bariatric Surgery Options

There are different types of bariatric or weight loss surgery, each with its pros and cons. Dr. Barba will help you decide which is right for you and provide a detailed plan from your consultation, to the day of your operation and for your new life after surgery. Learn more about each of your surgical options below.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure to control weight and treat obesity. The procedure alters the way your small intestine handles the food you consume in two parts:

The surgeon will divide your stomach into two sections; a smaller one and a larger one. Then a process called stomach stapling turns the smaller portion into a pouch which can only hold a significantly smaller amount of food than your stomach used to. This is a “restrictive” form of weight loss surgery since it lessens the amount of food you need to feel full.

The actual “bypass” part of the surgery is when the surgeon will disconnect where the small stomach pouch currently connects to the small intestine, and connects it to a part of the intestine that’s further down.


More About Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before and after gastric bypass surgery

Gastric Band

The gastric band is an adjustable piece of equipment that is placed around the upper part of the stomach to restrict how much you can eat. Unlike gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, the gastric band procedure involves no cutting our stapling of the stomach.

To place the band around your stomach, your surgeon will use a laparoscopic method (minimally invasive) to access your stomach. Once the band is in place, an injection port is installed with a small tube connected to the band so that adjustments can be made after the surgery.

Doctors can adjust the saline level in the band through the injection port to control the rate at which food passes into the stomach.


More About Gastric Band Surgery

Before and after gastric band surgery

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve procedure is usually the first step in the gastric bypass surgery, but it sometimes can be a single procedure on its own to control weight loss based on each case.

The procedure is called a gastric sleeve because your surgeon will create a small pouch using a stapling device, separating your stomach into two sections, the small sleeve and the larger section. The larger section of your stomach is removed.

This form of bariatric surgery is called “restrictive” which means it controls weight loss by physical restrictions of the stomach, versus a more “malabsorptive” method like the jejunoileal bypass which actual affects nutritional intake by changing where in your intestines the food gets absorbed.


More About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before and after gastric sleeve surgery



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