Hernia Surgery in Harlingen & Brownsville

What is a Hernia?

Hernias occur when an organ pushes through an opening in muscle tissue. They are typically found in the abdominal wall, but can also affect the upper thigh and groin area. The issue will develop as the result of muscle weakness or over-exertion. If the hernia is the result of muscle weakness, it may develop over time. But, if it happens because of intense physical exertion, it could happen immediately.

People with hernias will usually notice a bulge or lump in the affected area and may experience pain, weakness, and burning. In most cases, the issue isn’t immediately life-threatening, but hernia surgery may be required to prevent long-term problems.

Why Choose Dr. Barba

Dr. Carlos A. Barba is one of the most experienced surgeons specializing in hernia repair in Brownsville and Harlingen, TX. His years of experience operating on all types of hernias provides his patients with peace of mind, knowing Dr. Barba will get them back to living a life free from hernia related pain. Call our office or schedule your consultation online today!

Most Common Hernia Types

Inguinal Hernia

Accounting for approximately 70% of hernias, inguinal hernias occur in the lower abdomen near the groin area. Men are more likely to experience this type of hernia due to a natural weakness in these muscles.

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Hiatal Hernia

This type of hernia affects the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Hiatal hernias can cause heartburn and are more complicated to repair than other hernia types.

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Incisional Hernia

These typically occur in the abdominal area where a previous surgery has been performed. The section of muscle surrounding the area where an incision has healed tends to be weaker than normal muscle tissue.

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Does a Hernia Need to be Repaired?

Your hernia is affected during everyday activity. Exercising, lifting heavy items, physical activity and other simple tasks can cause your hernia to become larger. In some cases, a larger hernia is harder to repair.

In severe cases, the tissue can become stuck in the hole of the abdominal wall and can not be pushed back through. This could cause blood supply to be cut off which would result in that tissue dying.

In order to get back to your normal routine, we highly recommend that those with a hernia have it repaired as soon as possible.


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