Why You Should Still Seek Hernia Repair During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published January 14, 2021 by

There are many key reasons why you should seek hernia repair during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, right now there are many types of important surgeries and follow up treatments being canceled and postponed. In most cases this is due to patient anxiety concerning COVID-19 and less about lack of surgical availability. The key takeaway is don’t put your health at risk either way!

Putting Yourself At Risk

There are thousands of people with heart issues, those that need mammograms, kidney stone removal, cancer surgeries and treatments, dental care, and hernia repairs who may be putting off their care. Maybe the pandemic has given you a good excuse to put off your hernia repair, or maybe you weren’t too keen about it at first anyway.

Don’t be lulled into complacency if you don’t have any symptoms. If you have a hernia, treatment is your only option because it won’t just disappear. We repeat – it doesn’t just go away on its own.

If you ignore it too long, the likelihood of complications increases which can put your health at risk.

Your Hernia Will Grow

Hernias continue to grow even if you don’t have symptoms at first. As they grow, symptoms will begin causing you pain and discomfort and the abdominal wall will become weaker. It may even affect your daily activities. The fact is that smaller hernias are easier to repair and cause less complications.

Worsening Symptoms

If you allow the hernia to remain untreated, symptoms may become aggravated. Vomiting, nausea, difficulty having bowel movements leading to chronic constipation, pain during urination, and chest and abdominal pain may ensue.


Incarceration of the hernia becomes a serious risk if you delay your hernia repair. The hernia becomes trapped in the abdominal wall which cuts off its blood supply.

This can lead to strangulation, which is a life-threatening medical emergency as the bowel becomes obstructed resulting in a strangulated hernia.

Better Overall To Have Surgery Sooner Rather Than Later

There are many reasons besides those above not to procrastinate.

They include the following:

  • Better to have the repair when the hernia is smaller
  • Recovery time will be quicker
  • Less complications post surgery
  • Your overall health may change if you wait too long
  • Eventually you have to have the surgery anyway

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